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About Us: Just a couple of Disc Golf Nutz and Masters of Mischief

It all started one fateful day on the disc golf course when Steph accidentally launched her disc into a nearby tree, much to Mike’s amusement. As they retrieved the rogue disc, inspiration struck: why not create a gag gift that celebrates these hilariously inevitable moments of disc golf mishaps? Thus, the “Disc Golf Tree Repellent” was born.

Ready to inject some laughter into your next disc golf outing? Looking for the perfect gift for your disc golf buddy?

Join Mike and Steph, aka ‘The Disc Golf Nutz’, on their hilarious adventures and discover a world where gag gifts reign supreme and laughter is the ultimate hole-in-one. Whether you’re in need of a good chuckle or simply looking to add some whimsy to your disc golf gear collection, The Disc Golf Nutz have got you covered. Embrace the absurdity, embrace the laughter, and let the good times fly!

steph at showmens disc golf course